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ETL tools

ETL Tools: Choosing the Best

Data increasingly becomes the most critical asset, but without proper collection, processing, storage, and analysis, its overall value is reduced. With the growth of disparate data sources, the need for consolidation into centralized systems grows accordingly. Although we don’t have precise usage statistics for recent years, we are highly confident that ETL tools have cemented […]

ETL Pipeline

ETL Pipeline: What It Is And Why It Matters

Reliability, performance, and flexibility are the main quality criteria for data systems. On-premise ETL systems can offer security and privacy, but they can be slow due to insufficient power and performance of processors, networks, disks, and local computing clusters. In addition, over time, new data formats emerge, and radically different requirements are imposed, reducing the […]

Adobe Analytics Vs. GA4

Adobe Analytics vs. GA4: A Fair Comparison

Many budding businessmen believe that they have plenty of resources and channels to gather and hoard all relevant data, such as financial systems, marketing platforms, CRMs, and survey tools. However, they fail to realize that having all dossiers at their fingertips isn’t enough. They must be able to analyze them and draw actionable conclusions. Data […]

bounce rate vs engagement

Bounce rate vs. exit rate vs. engagement rate: juxtaposing metrics

Modern digitally-driven businesses go to all lengths to attract consumers to their sites, increase customer engagement, and lead them all the way through the conversion funnel, turning people from one-time site visitors into loyal clients. Measuring the efficiency of their strategy can be performed by leveraging several metrics. Let’s find out the differences between Exit […]