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Our client is a globally recognized European group of sports apparel brands. It is managing online and offline sports retail outlets that sell products across 88 sites and regularly accumulate up to $2.6 million in total revenue each year.


The client’s former Adobe Analytics infrastructure needed improvement while the client had limited system management and support resources to turn things around. The ultimate task was to help a team of 3 people with lacking capacities to fix and maintain the Adobe Analytics implementation across 88 brands and locations.

Solution we provided

Based on the best practices, we set out to design and deploy a global blueprint to standardize the use of Adobe Analytics and facilitate the self-servicing of its implementations.

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We focused on boosting the system’s reusability to gain efficiencies. First of all, we outlined the reusable cross-website blueprint for business requirements, design implementation, data layer specification, and tag management configuration. We rolled out the blueprint in batches to all websites while assigning to brands the responsibility for the QA and the state of their implementation. 


We used Adobe Data Collection with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target running on top of an Event Driven Data Layer. Also, we utilized Gist and Google Documents for supporting specifications, references, and QA documentation.


This case was concluded with a huge success, as we enabled a team of 3 people to manage a global Adobe Analytics rollout across over 88 websites in 18 months. At the ultimate rates of collaboration and reusability, the client managed to save over $500,000 and get a massive synergy gain flowing in from a myriad of brands and retail locations.

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