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Our client is a US-based online retail provider of women’s garments. It has a large audience serving over a million users, doing about 79,000 sales, and making up to $10 million in revenue every month.


The client approached us with a request to implement Google Analytics 4 before Universal Analytics is deprecated. Specifically, the company needed to migrate the system to Google Analytics 4 before June 30th, 2023. The client wanted to build one year of historical data and it was very close to the deadline.

Solution we provided

The biggest part of the workflow was finding the most optimal approach to migrating the client’s existing infrastructure. After a thorough system inspection, we found how to speed things up by upgrading the existing data layer and tag manager instead of redoing the whole analytics system from scratch. 


So we re-mapped the data layer and tag manager based on the best practices to make it fit the Google Analytics 4 constraints. In particular, that included streamlining the GTM and data layer infrastructure by mapping existing requirements to standard GA4 events.


All in all, it took us two weeks to successfully finish up the infrastructure migration to Google Analytics 4, with no data errors and extra dev team support involved. Modernizing the system rather than implementing GA4 anew helped us accelerate the project drastically. Our previous implementations also helped us do things fast and smoothly as we timely learned how well it fits the new implementation.

Project Details
  • Client: Retail, eCommerce
  • Location: Los Angeles, USA
  • Category: Migration