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Enabling game-changing data-driven business decisions with the help of business intelligence services that combine relevant data sources for seamless analysis.

Business Intelligence

What you get with BI analytics

We offer an in-depth expert approach to data processing and analysis via a range of business intelligence technologies, methodologies and services, enabling businesses of any size and purpose to tackle relevant challenges with a technological edge. Our ultimate goal is to help you gain maximum growth and revenue rates through data-driven decision-making.

Get a complete picture of the company

See under the hood of your workflows to make out normal rates of performance, crucial metrics, and more important details.

Minimize сosts and risks

Identify unnecessary expenses, workflow process flaws, and major risks your business is most susceptible to through historical BI analysis.

Identify business-boosting opportunities

Thorough BI analytics via dedicated tools and dashboards allows you to pinpoint major opportunities to streamline business performance.

Enable data-based decision making

Start making crucial business decisions based on to-the-point, relevant insights extracted directly from your business operations flow.

We provide

Data Crafts is your trusty technological partner when you are looking to enrich your business potential with smart custom-tailored solutions built based on your particular requirements and individual needs. We provide full business intelligence service coverage to guarantee top-of-the-line results.

Let seasoned business intelligence consultants guide your choice of the best-fitting tools according to your business or project specifics, scope of efficient BI analysis, and your own convenience. We offer years of firsthand experience working with all sorts of relevant, top-popular, and overlooked solutions to now point you in the direction of what you need exactly to start running a business on in-depth analyzed insights and reliable internal decisions that pay off.

Our business intelligence team handles all tool integrations and required configurations or any other software manipulations. And if ready-made solutions just don’t do the trick for you, we build and implement custom BI instruments that are tailored to specific analytics gaps and needs you may have. This way, we can really help you stand out and outrun the competition by bringing tons of authenticity to your data-driven business decisions.

We conduct thorough audits of the BI you have in circulation so that you get a firmer grip on the way your business runs, see things for what they are, and discover new disruptive opportunities. As a result, you get increased organizational efficiency, improved customer experience, and leveled-up employee satisfaction simply by handling your BI the right way. We also grant continuous support for all BI initiatives and implementations we provide.

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