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Data Crafts is here to help businesses make better decisions and achieve goals faster by building custom data collection, storage, and analysis solutions.
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Why businesses opt for data engineering services

We provide a range of data engineering services for achieving efficient systems to manage your data in a hassle-free and accessible yet insightful and success-driving way. Through high-quality data engineering, we help augment business strategies that boost revenues, ROIs, and overall business value.

Helping to make better decisions

Use custom data management solutions tailored to your workflows to start making streamlined data-driven decisions.

Cutting costs and growing profits

Eliminate unnecessary expenses and find new ways to grow profits through in-depth data management in one place.

Identifying new business opportunities

Make your company or startup performance transparent enough to identify opportunities that you have been missing out on.

Improving product quality

Keep all product data consistent, accessible, and intuitive to work with to ultimately improve end-product quality as a result.

Solutions we provide

We have a pool of experienced data engineering consultants that recommend the best individually fitting solutions and software engineers that implement those solutions. Partnering up with Data Crafts, you get to structure your data systems to achieve data-driven business growth and performance boost.

Whether you are looking to build a simple data storage solution or a complex database, we do it all. Systems we design and develop allow you to organize data assets, map data flows, and acquire valuable insights on a whole new level, with all data your business circulates working for you. We can also build a sturdy foundation for you to expand later on with your own ideas and implementations.

Gain the ability to process data in-depth without going far with custom-tailored tools. DBT (or data build tool) enables your own in-house analysts to efficiently transform, check and test, and document data in your warehouse or storage. We deliver DBT solutions that are simple to grasp and use, which stimulates employee productivity and makes you achieve more without sacrificing your nerves and budget.

Airbyte is the ultimate data integration engine that we help implement in terms of your business operation specifics as a separate data engineering service. It is a well-tried-and-tested ELT tool that allows us to consolidate data efficiently across databases, data lakes and warehouses, and other storage solutions. Thanks to its open-source nature, we may tailor and properly integrate Airbyte with your existing or to-be-built data management system.

Our specialists can help you achieve the ultimate quality of business intelligence for improved data-driven decisions with custom-designed ETL pipelines. The Extract, Transform, Load approach consolidates data flows coming from disparate sources to give you valuable actionable insights. We build the ETL functionality based on your requirements, existing system specifics, and relevant sources from which to map data.

As seasoned data engineering consultants, we can conduct a thorough audit of the existing data storage systems, warehouses, databases, ETL pipelines, you name it. This will help you see the full picture of your data management workflow, identify minor and major system flaws, and improve the way you handle data while maintaining your ongoing business operations. We also provide continuous support for all implementations that take place during our collaboration or as a separate service.

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